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Unearth possibility

Datarock helps you transform mining data into actionable insights. Geologists, Geotechnical Engineers and Exploration Professionals leverage our online platform and consulting team to improve their ore body knowledge.

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The platform

Our cloud hosted platform uses AI to extract geological and geotechnical data from core imagery. Increasing Ore Body Knowledge to enhance net present value of your deposit and optimise mineral extraction.



Systematic and reliable data processing to reduce human errors and discrepancies



Generate geotechnical and geological insights in minutes


Cost reduction:

Significantly reduce logging costs



Create approvals, versioning and a visual audit trail for your core data

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Consulting service

Our team of Geologists, Geophysicists, Geochemists, and Geotechnical engineers, are also trained data-scientists to solve your mining and exploration problems.

Your Data
Core Imagery Chips Imagery Pit wall data Mineralogical data Down hole geophysics Airborne geophysics Lidar point cloud XRF data Hyperspectral data Geochemistry data Geotechnical data

Unearth Possibility

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We solve your challenges
through science, technology and people.

Trust but verify - is your data tested thoroughly?

Core logging is commonly performed by geologists and engineers that have the least experience but it matters most.

Upgrade your experts and use the best of both worlds.

Datarock extracts data from drill core imagery using computer vision and is trained by a team of experts. The resultant model will reflect the teams collective knowledge resulting in improved consistency.

Your teams can learn as they are taught.

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Logging data going to waste?

Most resource models require non subjective and quantitative datasets to be built efficiently.

Great data in, even greater data out.

Datarock creates quantitative datasets that are optimal for geological models and include measurements of uncertainty across the data. This method is more repeatable and offers long term guarantees over traditional logging.

You only get out what you put in.

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Hesitating about signing off on core data and models?

Chain of custody and sign off on subjective logging data makes it difficult to audit effectively.

Full transparency and sign offs

Data created by the Datarock platform to create information with a clear and visual audit trail including sign off in relevant cases.

No more guesses or hestitation.

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Geoscientist with too much data on your hands?

We know many geoscientists are drowning in data.

Take a life line.

Our Applied Science team complete the picture by providing only hyper-relevant insight.

Utilise the data you need and nothing you don’t.

See Applied Science

Unearthing Possibility - the origin story

Through our machine learning Platform and Applied Science consultancy, we are equipping the global mining and civil engineering industries with the next era of deep tech. Mining and exploration are industries that need technological innovation to keep up with increased demand.

Datarock was formed in 2018 through a partnership between Solve Geosolutions and DiUS. Solve, a data science consultancy founded by geologists, was built to apply novel solutions to problems faced by the exploration and mining industry. DiUS provided the expertise in cloud, software development and productionised scaled platform.

Building the Platform

Some call logging drillcore a “rite of passage”, but it is time consuming, error prone and a constant thorn in the side of downstream work and decision making. Nonetheless, it is extremely important to get it right as it forms the foundation of any mine.  In 2019, we decided that this was the most valuable application of our technologies and we commenced building our Platform that now delivers the following benefits:

  • State of the art machine learning. 
  • Lightning-speed processing. 
  • Cost, time and misery savings. 
  • Solid as a rock security protocols.

Looking to the future

Our Applied Science team is at the forefront of mining technology, and we take great pride in the fact that our consultants are embedded within major mining companies. With this unique positioning, we’re able to deliver original thinking and innovative solutions that are shaping the future of the industry.

As more and more high quality datasets become available, the demand for multi-faceted, production ready solutions is increasing. Datarock, through its people and platform, is positioned to be the long-term world leader in bespoke and productionised solutions for the mining and civil engineering industries.

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