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Grounded by a geologist-first mindset, we solve mining and exploration problems using a combination of domain expertise and advanced machine-learning techniques. From greenfields exploration to micron-scale mineralogical studies, we provide insights to inform critical decisions and extract value from geoscience data. 

Our skills

Domain expertise is vital for the successful application of machine learning in geoscience.


Geological data specialists

Geological modelling and synthesis

Geophysical modelling

Geochemical processing and modelling

QGIS and data science training

Cloud computing

Geospatial data analysis

Statistical analysis

Computer vision

What we can do

  • Near miss modelling
  • Geomet modelling and domaining
  • Prospectivity modelling
  • Geophysical similarity and characterisation
  • Data integration

  • Hyperspectral processing and modelling

  • Geological property predictions and domaining

  • Geological characterisation

  • ML application development

  • and much more, all through the lens of understandable and actionable machine learning

Our diverse Applied Science team has broad experience and expertise across multiple geoscience, data science and machine learning disciplines, with experience across the minerals, oil and gas, government and academic sectors.

Our specialists include geologists, geophysicists, ML engineers, data scientists & many, many more

Hear from our team

Spectral Library Viewer
Applied Science

Spectral Library Viewer

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Applied Science

Improving Geological Mapping by Inpainting Surface Infrastructure Artefacts

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Applied Science

(Re)Introducing MICA

Created  by Mark Grujic. Today, we are relaunching our web application to study Mineral Identification…

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