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Unearth possibility through the Platform or Applied Science

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Spectral Library Viewer
Applied Science

Spectral Library Viewer

Created by Thomas Ostersen Hyperspectral data sets measure the intensity of reflected or emitted light…
fake road
Applied Science

Improving Geological Mapping by Inpainting Surface Infrastructure Artefacts

Created by Mahsa Paknezhad and Jack Maughan In remote sensing-related geological modelling projects, a common…
Applied Science

(Re)Introducing MICA

Created  by Mark Grujic. Today, we are relaunching our web application to study Mineral Identification…
custom fruit image grid
Applied Science

Streamlining a fruit salad data process with Shiny and AWS

Created by Eleanor Mare. What do you do if you've developed a great data analysis…
Machine Learning

Reviewing common core photography setups

Created by Brenton Crawford. Currently, there are 4 main types of core photography systems available…
Top of Thylacine Two-way-time structure
Applied Science

Transfer Learning with Seismic Attributes

Created by David Briguglio. This post demonstrates that subject matter expertise is crucial when preparing…
Applied ScienceMachine Learning

The journey to (fully) quantifying chip photography

Created by Mark Grujic and Rian Dutch.    Recap   Welcome back to our series…
Machine LearningPlatform

Turning raw core photos into analytics-ready quantitative data

  Created by Brenton Crawford, Mark Grujic and Harvey Nguyen.   The problem with unstructured…
Applied ScienceMachine Learning

The journey to quantifying chip photography: Particle statistics

Created by Mark Grujic and Rian Dutch.    Welcome back to our series on drill…
Machine LearningPlatform

Buried Treasure – The Value of Historical Core Imagery

Created by Brenton Crawford and Liam Webb.   The average core photo costs approximately 20…
Applied ScienceMachine Learning

The journey to quantifying chip photography: Colour analysis

Created by Mark Grujic and Rian Dutch.In the previous Datarock Applied Science blog, we provided…
Applied Science

How to take an analytics ready chip tray photograph

Drilling is fundamental to understanding the hidden geology beneath our feet during any exploration, resource…