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Frequently asked questions

What kind of imagery to I need to use Datarock?

Datarock can process several types of drill core imagery from traditional core box photographs, to more sophisticated datasets such as hyperspectral imagery and LIDAR pointclouds. Datarock is also working on processing workflows for quantified mineralogy images and a borehole televiewer set to be released in the near future.

What are the costs?

Augmenting or automating logging tasks with Datarock can lead to a significant reduction in logging costs – Get in touch with the Datarock team to learn more about our competitive pricing.

How do I get started with Datarock?

Get in touch! Datarock provides a technical evaluation to introduce you to our Datarock suite of products and solutions.

How do I get my imagery into Datarock?

Imagery can be uploaded into Datarock in two main ways. For smaller ad hoc uploads, you can simply drag and drop image files into the browser. For larger or more frequent uploads, Datarock can connect to various types of cloud storage from all major providers. Uploads can also be scheduled to run when new images arrive, or to run at a set time each day, week or month.

How accurate is Datarock?

Overall accuracy will be dependent on the type of model being applied, the imagery quality and the requirements of the client. Datarock models are trained (learn) by experts such as geologists and engineers, we expect our models to be at least as accurate as their manually produced counterparts. Where Datarock really excels beyond what manual logging can provide is consistency and scale.

How fast and how many images can Datarock process?

This will depend on the type of imagery being processed and the number of products being produced. For average core photos generating our suite of geotechnical products, processing time would be approximately 15 minutes for a 400m drill hole. Segmentation related products such as vein segmentation, on very high resolution imagery might take several hours for a 400m drill hole.

Can I combine my imagery with other ancillary data like Geochemistry?

Datarock has a team of skilled scientists and data scientists that can assist in combining Datarock outputs with many types of ancillary downhole data such as geochemistry, geophysics and more.